Friends 'n Fans Photos

at the Trident 8-15
Aleen and Peter

Ted and Karen; Kristi and Gabe

Robin and Lou

the Trident, 7-17-15
Cal taking pic for me at the Trident

Jana, Jeff and Sheila-Merle

Warren Novak at the Trident

Taken at F3, Fast Food Francais, Sausalito, CA 

Mark Lewis and Cal Collingham

Chuck and I at the Trident

Chuck and family

Phil Marks

Lynn and Phil, Wendy

Taryn and Ak

Trident, Sausalito
Natalie and Friends

Vito,Mark, Terry and Friend

F3, Sausalito

At the Trident, Sausalito
Paula, Allen, Vivian, Peter, Linda

Lola after 6pm, aka Linda

Paula and Allen always enjoying the moments

We've all been moved indoors since the City dinged the Tib Tav for outdoor amplified music.
At the Tiburon Tavern, August 2014

Audrey Hitchcock at the Tib Tavern
Stephanie Etienne and Zohre Grothe at Tib Tavern

Running to fast for my flash!
Colin and Lana at the Tiburon Tavern

Colin and Lana

Beverly and Wally at the Tiburon Tavern-August

Zohre and Karl at the Tavern, Tiburon- July

Tom and Warren at the Tavern, Tiburon Lodge
Mike Stone, wonderful singer and booking manager for Trident, now on to new horizons.
Wait Staf (Cesar on right) at the Trident, Sausalito

James, chef at the Trident, taking a wind-down breather.

Michelle McCarthy and Fiona Rogers, Bradley agents from Tiburon Office

Beautiful evening view from the Trident, Sausalito, Ca

John and Patricia at the Trident

Sausalito Art Festival fan-wave

Sausalito Art Festival Artist Stag

Phil Marks at Saus Art Festival

Sandy Price and her mom out for the evening at Yoshi's, SF, CA

Phil Marks, Kathleen Blake, Robert Couly and Greg Sankovich at Yoshi's, SF

Laurie and Jackie at the Panama Hotel

Robert Couly taking photos at the Panama Hotel

Mark Lewis at the Trident

At the Trident, Sausalito, June Sand hosted her lovely friends (Liz, Mandy, Tim et al)

Jacalyn Lee adding to the fun night.

And here's Sandy Wollenberg and Janice Knight joining in.

Eddy showing off his new favorite wine.

Myself, Greg and Melissa Bradley with Summer and Sunshine at Rickey's, Novato

Bob Couly; Christmas Angels come in many personas...
Pam at Il Davide; such a sweetie, so good to see her; she took some nice photos; thanks Pam
Friends, Pietro & Isabella at Yield Wine Bar, SF

Phil (seated) and Gail. Nick tip-toeing.
 The Vin Club; 3/18/11
In a world of their own...
Below: Sabina, Phil, Bill and Stan

Below: Chris (Chocolateer) and Laura

Below: The Scene

Vanessa at Rickeys
Below: Sherry, Kim, Jerri; Contratulations, Jeri,
on your move to Rossmoor.
Inge, Jocelyn, Meridith, Natalie, Julia and Sabina
at Rickey's.
Below: Diane and Diva, LynAnn King, at Rickey's Restaurant

Yvonne & friend

Michael, Phil & Sabina at Seahorse
Here's Walt!

Mike, Ariet, Vivian & Jim at Seahorse 1-5-11
Me & Cesar
Cesar & myself at Seahorse the day after Halloween Party.
Film-maker, Chris, took our photo at Le Colonial

How about that hat!

Enjoying the sushi and our jazz gig at Yoshi's lounge, SF in August

Mike, Gary, Juli, Linda and Lewis coming out for me at
Yoshi's, San Francisco.
Horizons, Sausalito
Gail & Lynn at Horizons
My birthday party 7/23/10 at Seahorse, Sausalito

Jason Martineau, Lincoln Adler, Aaron Germaine

Mauro Dosolini, owner of Seahorse, serving up dinner on the restaurant's first night.

Jeanie with Stan Sinberg.

Ken Blazei with his blazing smile.

Mauro in chef's attire.

Syndee, Dana, Ona, Claudia & Tony


Jill & Linda

Rick & Wambui

Joan & Joanna

Marika & Sabina

Vlad & Lynn

Zak, Pam, Georgia & Karen (Zizzo) Kempf

Nancy & Taryn

Steve dancing

The not-open-for-business-yet-Seahore, SausLetizia & friend

From L: Kelly, Ira, Larry, Rosario, Richard & Rick

At Seahorse, Sausalito, Harry Altick, a real sweetie.

Beautiful Summer, Sunshine and Melissa at Rickey's Restaurant & Bar and inviting the Bradley Bunch. Thanks, Melissa & Rob.
The ever-lovin', fun-lovin' Bradley Bunch

A couple of Bradley Babes.

The Band with Nancy & Taryn.

"Girl Talk" at Piacere Ristoranate, San Carlos
courtesy of Susan Cotton & friends

Give the girls my camera & let them editorialize...
New Orleans French Quarter Jazz Festival
Seeing New Orleanse and
appearing at
Irvin Mayfield's Jazz Playhouse
&Windsor Court Hotel's Grill Room

River Walk Views...
Stan and I "in" our Antique French storefront boudoir

Our fun, pricey French boudoire antique scene; playing with

...with humor writer, Stan Sinberg.
Bourbon Street, New Orleans French Quarter
The crowd at Enricos, San Francisco...
L to R: Claudia, Mike, Bill & Sabina at Enrico's, SF

Sabina Cesar & Stephanie Marrus at Enrico's, SF

Paula, Vivian & Laurie at Rickey's Restaurant & Bar

Audrey's August Party blog

The 4th set at Shanghai 1930; Fred Randolph & Bob BlankenshipThe fabulous fans at Shanghai 1930

Jason Martineau & I at the Gala Fund Raiser for
The Center For Attitudinal Healing

Jason Martineau and myself at the Center for Attitudinal Healing GalaIn Studio recording for "I Want You"

Recording tracs for "I Want You" at JP Studios, Fairfax Jason Martineau
Naim Satya
Aaron Germain

Guaymas Restaurant Staff, Tiburon
Edson Palacios, Manager (Center)
Guaymas Restaurant, Tiburon

Naim Satya (center) dropped by to say hello at Guaymas gig with Ray Scott and myself.